Whether you are choosing a new car, or just curious to know how kind your existing car is to the environment, EcoTest can give you the information you need. Diesel or petrol, hybrid or gas-powered, EcoTest applies to most cars, and it’s easy to understand ‘star-ratings’ will tell you everything you want to know.

The EcoTest rating is available to manufacturers too, and gives them an opportunity to see how well their cars are performing.

EcoTest out-performs all other tests of a car’s environmental impact, in two key ways:

First, because it covers all key emissions from your car – greenhouse gases and pollutants. And second because the tests it runs are more realistic, covering more driving conditions than the standard tests do, such as motorway driving and the impact of vehicle features such as air-conditioning. If you want to know more about exactly how these tests work go to Testing

So an EcoTest rating can really help you to make informed consumer choices.